Veterinary Practice Financing

Our veterinarian practice financing solutions help you achieve success.


At Atlantic Commercial, we take your success seriously. In addition to offering a full range of veterinary practice financing solutions, we also make the process easy and pleasant. We’re sure you’d rather get back to doing what you do best – caring for your patients!


Getting the financing you need for your veterinary practice is much simpler than getting a home mortgage, which is exactly the way it should be. We can even provide financing for brand new providers so you can get hit the ground running. We’ll work with you closely, providing you with the knowledge you need to build your business.


Atlantic Commercial has been providing financing for veterinary practices since 1997. During that time, we’ve helped a lot of vets just like you get started. We are looking forward to finding out how we can help you.


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Veterinary Re-Finance

  • > Practice Refinancing

    Finances don’t have to be challenging. We’ll help make your financial life simpler.


    Lowering your overhead can give you the freedom to make any number of changes and improvements, from upgrading and expanding your practice to consolidating bills and improving your cash flow. We’ll help you leverage your professional equity by designing an individualized plan that suits your unique needs, your debt level, and your future goals.


    Atlantic Commercial offers:


    • Smart solutions with competitive fixed rates
    • Customizable loan options to meet your practice financing needs
    • Low, affordable payments through competitive terms
    • Early payoff and principal reduction options to help you stay in control
  • > Practice Expansion

    We’ll help you throughout the entire process so you can relax and focus on your patients


    We recognize that making the decision to expand or improve your practice is huge – and the professional and financial rewards are worth the effort. When you have health care financing experts on your team, like the ones at Atlantic Commercial, you’ll find the process to be much simpler.


    Our experts can help you identify the most reliable and reasonably priced suppliers for everything you need, from software to cabinets to equipment. You’ll be able to determine the most cost-effective options for your remodel or expansion using our helpful resources. We can also look at some financing alternatives that will help you make your practice even more profitable – both today and tomorrow.


    Consider these options:


    • You can access up to 100% financing for everything you need to have a beautiful, functional practice, even architecture and design fees!
    • After your remodel or expansion is complete, you can catch your breath with interest-only payments as you adjust.
    • You won’t need to make payments during the draw period.
    • Your payments will stay low and affordable thanks to our competitive terms.
    • Fixed rates make life easier.
    • You can lock your rate in so you are protected against interest rate changes during build-out.
    • Our customized analysis will help you find just the right location and patient base.
    • Principal reduction and early payoff options allow for flexibility and control.
    • Your project manager will help make sure things are done on time and within your budget.
  • > Practice Purchase

    Are you ready to purchase your own practice?


    Purchasing your own practice is typically a once in a lifetime occurrence. When it’s time for you to take this important step, you want someone to work with you who can make the process simple and pleasant.


    Using our resources, you’ll be able to analyze all the crucial details of your upcoming purchase, from the patient base to the fee structure to the location – and more! We’ll work closely with you to review your financing options and identify the ones that will meet your needs.


    Some of the health care practice financing resources available through Atlantic Commercial include:


    • Up to 100% financing PLUS working capital through customized loans
    • Low, affordable payments thanks to our competitive terms
    • Fixed-rate terms to help you plan and predict
    • Adjusting to practice ownership? We offer interest-only payments.
    • Early payoff options for control and flexibility
    • Up to $5 million in funds
    • Customized analysis so you can find the ideal location and patient base
    • Combination loans (practice and real estate) to make your finances easier
    • Locked in rates so you can avoid interest rate changes during your build-out phase
  • > Real Estate Financing

    Are you ready to purchase or refinance the perfect building for your practice?


    Leasing can be a viable option, but it’s not ideal for everyone. If leasing no longer makes sense for you, it might be time to think about buying a new building and relocating.


    Atlantic Commercial makes it easy to find the right combination of real estate loan products with our full line, which includes both commercial real estate and practice purchase options. Working closely with you, we’ll customize a finance solution that meets the unique needs of your health care practice.


    These are some of the most popular financing programs we offer:


    • Conventional loans that feature a simple application process and fast approval
    • Low or zero money down so you aren’t laying out a bunch of cash to make your dreams come true
    • Interest-only payment options to make your adjustment period easier
    • Low, affordable payments thanks to competitive terms
    • Custom analysis of location and patient base
    • Early payoff and principal reduction allows you to stay in control



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